Walnut waterbottles

Heat is healing in many different ways. It has the power to calm down and relax. Capturing heat nowadays is not that difficult. Releasing the heat in a good way on the other hand is. Wood is isolating, but at the same time it’s porosity is slowly releasing heat. A series of wooden hot water bottles, designed to maintain the warmth and slowly release it. Inspired by the traditional Dutch foot stove, a wooden box which is open on one side, with holes or a slab at the top. In it, a bowl made of pottery or metal with burning charcoal was placed. The feet were positioned on top of the stove to become warm. By putting a blanket or clothing on the legs the heat could be isolated and the lower legs were heated.

The series exists out of a large stove for traditional use on the ground or heating up the bed. Two smaller, feet size, bottles give the opportunity for a multi-purpose use. The organic shape follows the human curves, for an extra comfortable positioning on the body.

Body: laminated walnut veneer, blank cellulose lacquer
Cap: messing
Sizes: big 60x30, small 24x12
Selected for the henry van de velde label 2015