Psychological weaving tool

Woven Memories

A project that researches the therapeutic effects of a repeti- tive action on the brain activity in order to neutralize it.

Intense emotions, which are common in psychological problems, cause a lot of disturbance in our natural brain activity. This increase or decrease of the activity makes it difficult to absorb information and reflect on it in a good way.

Scientifically it’s proven that a repetitive action can stimulate and neutralize our natural activity.

By putting your focus on a certain other process, our brain is active in different parts. This makes that we can get better access to the cognitive and unconscious elements in our brain.

The research is translated in a series of furniture weaving tools for the psychologist office. Here, the patient is active on the weaving, while he’s in his treatment with the psychologist. In the end, the patient can take his weaving home, as a diary of his intense emotions. A woven memory of himself.

Currently under construction