Graduation ceremony and open day Design Academy Eindhoven

Self Unself

Self Unself started as the theme of a Graduation Show. Soon, it was expanded to include the work of Design Academy alumni in Van Abbemuseum during the Dutch Design Week in October 2013. At this moment Self Unself is even in China, in Shenzhen. In every location, the theme manifests itself in different ways.

Thomas Widdershoven, creative director of Design Academy Eindhoven and curator of Self Unself explains about how the theme shows itself in the Graduation Show: 'The ‘self’ in the exhibition title still first and foremost refers to the student. The academy is fully focused on the talents, preferences and fascinations of its students. For their graduation they have to initiate projects themselves, in which these come to the fore.


But when you look at those projects – about healthcare, open source production, new economic systems – they come across as pretty altruistic. Contemporary design is very much oriented toward the ‘unself’.’

The exhibition and graduation ceremony Indivi/Duality is a spinoff of this previously mentioned self unself

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